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The manager clubs offer the managers to build their own community, or enter any existing community.

The creation and administration of a club is only possible with a Premium Account° (only 1 club per manager), but the membership is free to all. The founder may decide if it will become a public (anyone can join) or a private club (you have to apply first, and wait for the founder’s approval).

Each manager can join up to 10 clubs.

The basic part of each club is its own forum, where you can chat and discuss with other members.

° If the premium membership expires, the club will be maintained in its form, but cannot be administered until a new membership will be activated.

Administrative options

  • Name and club description – The name and description can be changed afterwards, but the club’s name must be unique, e.g. if 90-minutes-club already exists, a second one cannot run under that exact name.
  • Club logo – Each club may have its own logo, but it must be smaller than 1 MB, below 200x200 px and the format shall be .gif, .jpg oder .png
  • Status – The founder can decide whether it will be a public or a private club.
  • Terminate the club - Of course the club can be terminated at any time.
  • Members – The founder can decide to remove members from the club, as well as giving moderation rights to members.

ModAdd.png - Make user a moderator. The chosen member can edit and close topics inside the club’s forum.

ModAway.png - Withdraw the user’s rights.

RemoveUser.png - Remove members, which is only possible in private clubs.

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