Regulation of ascent and descent

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In each league but the lowest one, you have two instantly descending teams (rank 7 and 8), and two teams fighting relegation (rank 5 and 6). For the ascending team it means that half of the leagues’ champions rise instantly, whereas the other half needs to face relegation matches (see ascension ranking). All point/goal differences off the leagues’ champions will be compared (if identical results occur, the last season’s position will decide), and the lower half of the teams need to face two relegation matches. Computer managed teams always lose to humanly managed teams, even if their point/goal difference may be better. Both matches are settled for Wednesday and Saturday after the season’s end. If a winner could not be declared by then, the away goals will be counted double. If both teams equalize here aswell, the second match will go into extra time, and if no winner is found, the penalty shootout will decide.

Who ascends/descends to which league?

90-minutes offers strict rules, which team will ascend/descend whereto. Ground rule is that the best ascending team (points/goals, not the team’s strength) will swap places with the worst descending team.

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