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2005 - 2022

since 17 years, 197 days - online football manager the browsergame
In the free browser game - online football manager you can create your whole skills as trainers and managers to demonstrate!
Here you can compete with thousands of human players from different countries and show your real abilities!
Experience exciting live matches against other teams, train your team, choose the right tactics, manage your finances, negotiate with sponsors, build your stadium, act skillfully on the transfer market and become the champion in your league...
And finally the best, is Free-2-Play!
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from 11:00:00 :Training England
from 11:00:00 :Training Netherlands
from 12:00:00 :Training Switzerland
from 12:00:00 :Training Austria
from 13:00:00 :Training Germany
from 18:00:00 :Expulsion matches Switzerland
from 18:00:00 :Expulsion matches Austria
Error in the World Cup
Dear 90-minutes player,
leider another serious error has occurred in the World Cup. This error already occurred in the 2nd cup round and continues into today's round. The error has already been found and will not occur again in future seasons.
The error is shown as follows:
There are 69 games to play in the 7th round of the cup - but 64 games would be correct, so that the cup will be finished in time and smoothly.
We had in principle 2 possibilities to correct this mistake:

1) End the World Cup and play out no winner this season
2) Choose 5 games randomly and delete these games

We decided for the 2nd variant, so that the World Cup does not have to be deleted completely. We will inform the affected teams separately. We have decided to compensate the affected teams all financially. We have based this on the average number of spectators of last season from matchday 7 to the final. All teams will receive this amount as compensation.
We apologize for this really very annoying mistake and hope for understanding from all involved.

Your 90-minutes Team

New kick-off times in the World Cup
The kick-off times in the World Cup will be moved 40 minutes forward beginning in the final this season. This measure was necessary because in previous seasons there have been repeated problems in the World Cup due to the fact that matches could not be completed in time before the new matches were drawn.

World Cup Season 50 Unfortunately we have to inform you that there was an irreparable mistake in the World Cup this season. The number of matches were already faulty since the 2nd matchday. Already in the 2nd matchday matches were missing, while in the 3rd matchday there were too many matches left.

Therefore we decided to finish the World Cup in season 50 and cancel all outstanding matches. Unfortunately, we still don not know exactly how the mistake came about and we are still on the lookout.

Of course we apologize very much and are very disappointed that we did not find a way out.

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