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90-minutes.org - online football manager the browsergame

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Welcome to 90-minutes.org - Ver. 1.5.11 - "RE: World Cup"

90-minutes.org - online football manager the browsergame

In the free browser game 90-minutes.org - online football manager you can create your whole skills as trainers and managers to demonstrate!
Here you can compete with thousands of human players from different countries and show your real abilities!
Play with your team against other teams, set up a training plan, choose the right tactics, manage your finances, negotiate with sponsors, build your stadium, act skillfully on the transfer market and become the champion in your league...
And finally the best, 90-minutes.org is Free-2-Play!


from 00:00:01 :finance week termination England
from 00:00:01 :finance week termination Netherlands
from 11:00:00 :Training England
from 11:00:00 :Training Netherlands
from 12:00:00 :Training Switzerland
from 12:00:00 :Training Austria
from 13:00:00 :Training Germany

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