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At the Live-Ticker, all Matches in 90-minutes will be broadcasted live.

The features of the Live-Ticker

Not only the current league matches in your league will automatically be shown in the ticker, it also broadcasts friendlies and cup matches.

You are able to select up to 5 matches into your ticker. All you need to do is to click on the Live-Ticker-Symbol Live.jpg, which is automatically shown next to the match. To maintain tension and entertainment, proper texts are shown at certain situations.

How to use the Live-Ticker

There are three modules available in the ticker:

  • Leauge matches
  • Your selected matches
  • Instant table (Premium Feature, see below - currently not available!)

Each of the modes can be minimized, you just need to push the left hand button (white button with a red triangle in it).

To remove a selected game from the ticker, just press on the very same button again: Xbild.jpg.

Usually the current actions are being shown in the text reports, but if you are fancy to see the whole reports, just click (+) to maximize and (-) to minimize the texts.

Premium feature

Members with Premium Accounts are able to see the instant table of their league, which will be updated live, so that you are informed about your team’s current ranking.

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