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In matches, you will not only find an overview about previous and upcoming Matches, but you will be challenged for friendly matches as well. Furthermore, you can also adjust your squad here.

Previous matches

This shows the results and info about your previous last 10 games. The Matches are linked, so just click on any to review the match report.

Upcoming matches

This shows an overview about your upcoming 20 matches, and you are able to change your squad until 20 minutes prior to kick-off. Just edit your squad via set up formation.

Teams you challenged

Lists all teams you challenged for friendlies. If challenges disappear, this either means that your challengers played another match against any other opponent, or that they denied your challenge (which you will receive via team news).

As soon as a team agrees your challenge, or you received an invitation for a friendly, all other upcoming friendlies will be grayed out. If nobody responds to your invitation, they will expire upon the next friendly match.

Teams who challenged you

If you get challenged, you may accept or deny. As soon as you accept, all other friendly challenges expire instantly (also those given to different clubs). If you are not interested, you either deny, or they wait for its expiration upon the nex friendly match.


More previous matches

Offers you to watch all previous matches ever played by your team.

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