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The costs for selling a player are exactly 1 % of the chosen minimum bid. This amount will be charged immediately, regardless the final price and longevity of any transfer.

Team membership

To offer any player on the market, he needed to be part of your team for at least 7 weeks (49 days). If he has not yet reached this mark, you will be notified when a transfer can be accomplished.

Exception: This rule is not valid if you just assigned in your team at 90 minutes.

High reserve

The high reseve was introduced in season 9 to either stop swapping players for unusual amounts of money, and to stop cheating. The player will be offered at this high reserve only, the final sum to be paid will be shown in brackets. The high reserve will be above the usual price, so that selling the player for this exact sum, may be cheating aswell.

Transfer length

The length can be settled between 3 to 5 days. The bid on a player must be 1,000 higher than the recent bid. The teams can get a credit by the bank, but the team’s debts cannot exceed 250,000 , and interest have to be paid.

Attention: If an offer is placed 2 minutes prior to its end. The auction will be prolonged for one minute, if the bid exceeds the current offer.


The club "Borussia Überflieger" has an asset of 220,000 . The manager has to decide wether to buy one or two new players. If he decides for two player, he can buy the first for 220,000 and the second for 250,000 . In case he decides to buy one player, he can buy one for 470,000 max.


Each country has an own transfer market, which can be browsed seperately. To do so, you have to choose the desired country. Cross country search is set as default value.

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