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You get to the match report by selecting a random match. The match report quotes some information of matches like general match information, the team's formation and the match report itself which was generated by the Live-Ticker.

Match summery

The scored goals and the goalgetters are listed here in chronological order. In addition injuries, substitutions and bookings are shown here, too.


An overview of the amount of spectator for each seat category is given here.

Team part ratings

To get a better comparison of each part of the teams (goalkeeper, defense, midfield and forward) the ratings of each team part is shown here. Also the tactics and the tackling behaviour of each team.

Match parts

An overview of ball possession and scoring chances.


Here it is possible to switch between match report and an overview of player ratings.


If one or more comments to the match are existing it will be shown here. Use the link or scroll down to get to the comments which are shown below the match report. On the same place you are able to write your own comment, too.

Attention! It should be naturally that the comments are written in an appropriate style. Any defamation or similar won't be tolerated at all.

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